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As a convenience for our patients, Center for Foot & Ankle Care, PC has arranged with a third party to offer our patients durable medical supplies through our web page. We have no ownership in this medical supply company and products purchased through this arrangement are not being purchased from Center for Foot & Ankle Care, PC.

If you have diabetes, numbness or poor blood flow in your feet and legs (sometimes called arteriosclerosis or claudication), it is imperative that you first consult with your physician before purchasing any of these items.

If we have not evaluated you in our practice for your current condition or you are not our patient, we make no guarantees as to the clinical benefits you may or may not derive from products purchased here.

Purchasing products from this web site does not make you a patient of Center for Foot & Ankle Care, PC. No doctor-patient relationship will be created and Center for Foot & Ankle Care, PC will have no obligation for follow up care. If you are already a patient of Center for Foot & Ankle Care, PC, purchasing products here will not affect your relationship with your doctor.

I have read and understand that no guarantees, either written or implied, have been made on this web site as to the clinical benefits, which may be derived from use of these products.

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